Summary - Accelerate State of DevOps 2019 by Google Cloud's DORA

Summary of Accelerate - 2019 State of Devops report by Google Cloud's DORA from Ragavendra Prasath : Courtesy & Inspiration to the authors from Google - Dr. Nicole, Jez Humble, Dr. Smith & Jessie

A detailed 82 pages report is abridged to 5 pages report.  Access DORA report here -

Key stats:
1.       Elite and High performing organization do well in all 4 SDO aspects and Low. performers worse in all 4 SDO aspect
a.       4 aspects such as Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, MTTR and Change Failure rate
2.       DevOps Crossed the Chasm - with industry velocity is increasing on Speed & Stability, with shifts to Cloud Computing fueling this acceleration; Majority enterprises use Multi-Cloud.
a.       Retail industry tops in benefitting over speed and stability; followed by highly regulated industries such as Financial Services and Government
b.       Large enterprises ( esp. >5000 employees) struggle as low performers because of the heavy weight processes
3.       Organizations can Improve the Software Delivery & Operational Performance & Productivity by investing in the following
a.       Work recovery (leaving work at work)
b.       Reducing burnout
c.       Culture of psychological safety
d.       Code in maintainability
e.       Loosely coupled architecture
f.        Good tooling
4.       Elite Performers (compared with Low performers)
a.       deploy 208 times more frequently
b.       106 times faster lead time
c.       2604 times faster recovery from incidents
d.       7 times lower change failure rate
5.       Example:
a.       Elite/Hi. Perf. = 4 deploys / day x 365
b.       Low. Perf. = 7 deploy / year
c.       CapitalOne deploys 50 times/day; Google, Amazon & Netflix do 1000 deploys/day


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