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DevOps and 3 Ways

DevOps, the most pronounced word for making releases faster in all software companies. In fact, it is part of Agile! 
It is well known that Development + Operations form the DevOps. But it originates from manufacturing industry; where Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, conceived and popularized the concept ‘Theory Of Constraints’ to make smooth flow of work.  For DevOps, Gene Kim popularized the concept with his books ‘The Phoenix Project’ and ‘The DevOps Handbook’. 
While, everyone thinking and discussing on DevOps, this post would visualize the nut and bolts of DevOps. 
Remember this analogy!
Manufacturing => Theory of Constraints : IT => DevOps

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Business Agility

Everyone talks about being Agile. Not just Agile in a project but making the entire business agile. This post would demystify ‘Business Agility’ in simple terms.