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The Purpose of QA

Before we get into the topic ‘the purpose of QA’, we would like to admit that there are countless articles and books are been published to demystify the role of quality folks in every project and in every department of the organization. However, this is an attempt from our perspectives to find the answer and emphasis our propositions on what could be the role that a QA team must play in the organization.
The Mantra!Practice the Prescriptive’ is the motto or mantra of QA facilitators. Many a times, there exist difference of opinions and altercations between the customer facing folks and QA folks are due to non-compliance to processes or standards. In most cases, project teams would focus only on fulfilling the customer requirements and expectations by skipping the processes and would not consider the quality of deliverable. In order to ensure a high quality and on time delivery of the product, project teams must be adopting ‘Ambidexterity’. 

Let us identify the similarity between Sourav…