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Lessons from the Chief Executives on Project Management

After listening to the keynote from Mr. B. Santhanam (Managing Director) of Saint Gobain India @ The Gateway Hotel, Chennai on Project Management Conference yesterday (26th July 2014), I realized it is essential to document his views and insights on project management.

Start with the end in mind.Give the specifications right.No multitasking. No jugaad. Also, segregate the duties and teams.Make top management out of project management. Because they change the specifications.Learn to say 'No' to top managementReview, Review, Review against deadlines.Set clear expectations.
Note: Study the comparison between 10 Large Infrastructure Projects in China and 10 Large Infrastructure Projects in India. Because China deliver the projects faster without any apparent knowledge like us. So learning from China is essential.  **********
The essence from Mr. Prakash Iyer, author of the books 'The Habit of Winning' and 'The Secret of Leadership'.
Start with Why? i.e. instead of ex…