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Fast Agility ~ The Explainer

Fast Agility ~ A practitioner’s view
Every day, Agile is practiced by more than 18 million software professionals. It has become the foundation for digital transformation projects. Every customer and team want to be working only on Agile mode. Surprisingly, Agile is not only practiced in software development. It has expanded the arena and named itself as Agile Marketing, Agile Security and more. The elements for making Agile can be Scrum, Kanban, XP et al. However, real Agility cannot be experienced by the team when the below things are not enabled.

Team feels fast with self-service capabilities. i.e. Queues kill agility.Feels fast when tasks are clear. i.e. thinking what does that mean feels slow.Turning back to ask feels fast. i.e. Email & Skype chat feels slow.Search feels fast. i.e. Clicking on the documents feel slow.Meeting free days feel fast i.e. busy calendar days feels slow.Using collaboration tools feel fast i.e. Teams competing on multiple products feels slow.Demo to Pro…

Fast Agility

Courtesy & Inspirations 1.Jason Yip – Agile Coach @ Spotify 2.Dave West CEO @ 3.Jayne Gyrol – CEO @ DevOps institute
4. Slides of Jason Yip - What does Speed mean in software product delivery?
5. Publication - The Convergence of Scrum and DevOps

Starting Agile Transformation ~ 6 Point Agenda - The Explainer

Agile, the second most pronounced word next to 'Customer' in every company and team today. Everyone is embarking on Agile to increase the Speed To Value. Organizations and teams leaping on to Agile journey may fail, if they do not understand and follow the ground rules. The ground rules are easy to learn and takes a life time to master. This, 6 Point Agenda, would help application leaders understand the challenge and direction; grasp the current condition and set the agenda for growth.
6 Point Agenda
1. Find out what problems to solve Getting into the Agile without acknowledging the problems of the team or understanding the direction of the firm would lead to nowhere. There are myriads of tools and frameworks available outside. Before purchasing the fix know your problem and be clear on outcomes expected and target condition. 
2. Align the structure The team working on any of the following unions would not be able to follow the Agile principles and values at any time. Roadmap U Sup…