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CANADA CIO Agenda 2019 - #GartnerSYM

From Gartner Youtube channel – that telecasted the Garter CIO summit happened in Toronto on 5-6 June 2019. Watch the full video here -
N = 176 CIOs in Canada.
Key insights! 1.44% of Canada CIOs say Culture is biggest barrier 2.78% of the Top performers adopt Product Centric delivery 3.53% of the organization in Canada started adopting DevOps. 4.1 in 3 CIOs have renovated their core. 5.Financial goals are a uniquely popular priority for Canadian CIOs, thus indicating a heightened degree of cost consciousness among organizations. 6.Canada’s average IT budget jumped from 1.3% in 2018 to 2% in 2019, which was higher growth than the year prior. The global average IT budget experienced about a 3% increase. 7.Canadian CIOs are playing an active role in business model change, showcasing the importance that information and technology (I&T) has on creating business models that were not possible in the past. This puts CIOs in a powerful position transfor…

The Future of DevOps for the Enterprise Trends and Insights - from Electric Cloud

DOES 2018 Las Vegas summit. This is a talk by Electric Cloud titled “The Future of DevOps for the Enterprise Trends and Insights” featuring Wesley Pullen, Chief Strategy Officer - Electric Cloud
Deck is 18 MB –
YouTube video -

Here are some key insights from the deck.
1.Enterprises Taking a Hybrid Approach to  Cloud and Container Adoption (i.e.) 81% multi-cloud strategy a.How are Enterprises Adopting Cloud-Native? i.Building single pipeline platform to integrate all the moving pieces ii.Supporting agnostic app model to deploy cloud-native alongside traditional applications iii.Ensuring visibility of containers iv.Enabling pipeline dependencies to handle pipelines with different release cadences
2.Enterprises Are Aggressively Adopting DevSecOps a.Enterprises Treati…