Summary - Accelerate State of DevOps 2019 by Google Cloud's DORA

Summary of Accelerate - 2019 State of Devops report by Google Cloud's DORA from Ragavendra Prasath : Courtesy & Inspiration to the authors from Google - Dr. Nicole, Jez Humble, Dr. Smith & Jessie

A detailed 82 pages report is abridged to 5 pages report.  Access DORA report here -
Key stats: 1.Elite and High performing organization do well in all 4 SDO aspects and Low. performers worse in all 4 SDO aspect a.4 aspects such as Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, MTTR and Change Failure rate 2.DevOps Crossed the Chasm - with industry velocity is increasing on Speed & Stability, with shifts to Cloud Computing fueling this acceleration; Majority enterprises use Multi-Cloud. a.Retail industry tops in benefitting over speed and stability; followed by highly regulated industries such as Financial Services and Government b.Large enterprises ( esp. >5000 employees) struggle as low performers because of the heavy we…

Agile Operating Model with OKRs - from Mckinsey

This is rendered from Mckisney publication -

Learn how to use OKRs.

OKRs and its questions

OKRs for teams - a sample dashboard

Premortems : Being smart at the start


10 Practices of Continuous Integration


Agile for Innovative Enterprises

The Latest Trends in IT Services – 4 Prescriptions to Make Digital Real in 2019 and Beyond (2021)

An interesting webinar hosted by Everest group last week (7th Aug 2019) titled “The Latest Trends in IT Services – 4 Prescriptions to Make Digital Real”. - and a detailed report "Reimaging Enterprise Operating Model" -
Replay at Youtube -
It has very insightful findings
1.4 prescriptions i.Digital transformation = Organizational change ;Digital transformation ≠ Modern technology ii.#UserExperience focus is key to delivering #ConsumerExperience iii.Talent is biggest challenge to overcome, in the near term iv.New vendor model needed to unlock value from the supply ecosystem
2.Digital transformation = Organizational change i.78% of enterprises fail in their digital transformation initiatives ii.73% of enterprises fail to realize sustained returns iii.63% of enterprises lack a well- defined set of success metrics iv.57…