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Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Experience (CX)

As per Pitney Bowes hierarchical system of CX, Factors considered / influence the customer experience / rating 1.Understood the issues 2.First time right response / Errors 3.Ease of use / Accessibility / Availability 4.Speed of response provided / Wait time 5.Flexibility 
Higher the NPS score, higher the loyalty ! i.e. Customers 1.Stay longer 2.Refer others / friends 3.Provide positive feedback and ideas 4.Repeat business on other service lines 5.Reach out to us via email / support call
Inspired by the Forrester CX Index i.e. On a scale of 1 (Very poor) - 5 (Excellent)  1,2 = Detractors  3 = Neutral 4,5 = Promoters
NPS = % of Promoters - % of Detractors. and consider absolute number not %. 
Rating bucket as per Forrester CX index, if NPS score is
< 55     - Very Poor 55 - 64 - Poor 65 - 74 - Okay 75 - 84 - Good 85+      - Excellent

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Agile in 2018 and so far


Agile and DevOps Revealed


Have we lost the original meaning of agile?

Hi Ragavendra,
Did you celebrate Halloween last night?
I didn’t. I’m not much for mid-week holidays. And I couldn’t find an adult-sized costume of Sulley from Monsters, Inc. that I wanted to wear.
So instead of celebrating Halloween, I thought about Halloween and how it relates to agile.
Over time, Halloween has taken on a new meaning. These days it seems mostly about boosting the revenue of candy manufacturers, giving young kids an excuse to wear costumes, or giving adults an excuse to wear costumes and get drunk.
But Halloween didn’t begin that way. There’s debate about its exact origins but the root of the holiday is most likely in Celtic harvest festivals, especially the Gaelic festival of Samhain.
Those early harvest festivals were then appropriated by the Catholic church and re-branded as the celebration of All Saints Day.
Then the candy companies got involved and made it more about candy than anything else.
And much …