2020 CIO Agenda - Winning in the turns | by Gartner

2020 CIO Agenda “Winning in the turns – how to win during crisis and transformation” is the theme for 2020. Read the full report here - 2020 CIO Agenda - Winning in the turns

Key findings:
CIOs are uniquely positioned to help their organizations thrive following a crisis. This year, Gartner classifies organizations into 2 typesFIT – Enterprises that came out ahead of crisis (such as acquisitions, cost pressures, possible economic downturn, growing trade wars, digital disruption and changes in consumer demand) that erode the fundamentals of running a business are identified as “fit”FRAGILE – Enterprises that came our behind and suffer permanent structural damage are identified as “fragile”Organizations approach to crisis through battening down the hatches (by cost cutting or risk reduction) may get hurt.Fit enterprises emerge from these events are stronger, more competitive, able to fund business initiatives, attract the right talent, and so on.FIT enterprises revenues increased by 5% CA…

High Performance Collaboration (HPC) Framework #TogetherStronger

High Performance Collaboration (HPC) Framework #TogetherStronger from Ragavendra Prasath

Bibliography & Courtesy!

1. Book titled ‘Trillion Dollar Coach’ by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan
2. Book titled ‘Powerful - Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility’ by Patty McCord.
3. Book titled ‘Measure What Matters’ by John Doerr
4. Our favorite one The five keys to a successful Google team -

Problem Solving Approach using HCD


Summary - Accelerate State of DevOps 2019 by Google Cloud's DORA

Summary of Accelerate - 2019 State of Devops report by Google Cloud's DORA from Ragavendra Prasath : Courtesy & Inspiration to the authors from Google - Dr. Nicole, Jez Humble, Dr. Smith & Jessie

A detailed 82 pages report is abridged to 5 pages report.  Access DORA report here -
Key stats: 1.Elite and High performing organization do well in all 4 SDO aspects and Low. performers worse in all 4 SDO aspect a.4 aspects such as Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, MTTR and Change Failure rate 2.DevOps Crossed the Chasm - with industry velocity is increasing on Speed & Stability, with shifts to Cloud Computing fueling this acceleration; Majority enterprises use Multi-Cloud. a.Retail industry tops in benefitting over speed and stability; followed by highly regulated industries such as Financial Services and Government b.Large enterprises ( esp. >5000 employees) struggle as low performers because of the heavy we…

Agile Operating Model with OKRs - from Mckinsey

This is rendered from Mckisney publication -

Learn how to use OKRs.

OKRs and its questions

OKRs for teams - a sample dashboard

Premortems : Being smart at the start


10 Practices of Continuous Integration