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How could smart people get so stupid so fast

Whenever you read explanations about why a company is so successful, inevitably its success was attributed to the sheer brilliance of its management's team. Then in few years, the company fell off the cliff and began to unravel very quickly. When you read the explanations about why it had stumbled so badly, it was always attributed to the same management team; the folks running the company who had earned unfettered praise for so long. (1) This disturbed Clayton Christensenfor a long years. 

Clayton framed the question 'Gee, how could smart people get so stupid so fast?' Its because of bad management and doing dumb things. 

Bryan Eisenberg, in his book, Be like Amazon explains about dumb things succinctly as it goes below. 

Why do smart people do dumb things? Because dumb things produce immediate results.

So immediate results are that bad?

No. Immediate results aren’t always bad. They’re only bad when the actions you take to generate those results aren’t sustainable. When you’re…


A Hustle I observed today. This is unusal and may be the new norm. This is applicable to everyone working in the company. You can be from Marketing, Pre-Sales, Engineering, Support, Technical Documentation, Quality, CXO or anyone. 

Observed an urge to change. Try something new. Fail on that and Learn. Fear of startups or nimble companies eating our lunch. 

Everyone becoming impatient supernaturally. Measuring the delay in milliseconds to provide uber customer experience and meeting the customer promises. They dont know where to start and how to do it. But figuring it out. 

But the only thing is, we will be much better than yesterday and today by tomorrow. That is obvious. Changing for good. 

Finally, the below image summaries, all my observations in just 32 words.