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Secret of the C-Suite – the executioner

Have you ever wondered, in any field or sport, what differentiates the ordinary and the extra-ordinary, the leader and the follower, the linchpin and the layman, the achiever and the superstar, the ship and the sink, the best and the rest. Finding an answer to these terms will explore the ‘Secret of the C-Suite’. Its well known that, the world of corporate is going through a profound change and surviving and sustaining in a time of extra-ordinary economic uncertainty and exceptional turbulence even after multibillion dollar bailout from government to companies impacted by ‘The Great’ recession during 2008-2009 (i.e) the challenges of changes are myriad. Companies face intense competition on market share rivalry, increased cost, decreased margins, threat of new entrants as substitutes and etc., Companies may lay down lucrative business models and strategy to avoid being getting into a sea of red ink and finding the blue ocean. However, Invincible and blue chip companies are the ones th…