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Test Driven Development - Step by Step

My first step toward TDD Vinay was convinced by the TDD approach, but he wasn't sure where to start. Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance to use an xUnit family tool because of time and training needs. But Vinay was keen to start following TDD myself, so he discussed the concept with the team and set some rules: Write the unit test cases related to any functionality in the document first, prior to writing the code.Always use track changes in the document (this helps ensure that test cases are written first and tested later).Mark the status of the test case "fail," since no code will yet have been written to implement that functionality.Write enough code to implement the functionality.Test the unit test cases written for that functionality, and update the status. It was tough to get the entire team to follow these rules. And, as I'd expected, Vinay received strong resistance from everyone. One question raised by the team was how to write a test case without im…